Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Who has the cutest boyfriend ever?

I do! ^^
This week we had our 4th anniversary and look what he had made for this occasion:

It's a love-lock!
For those who don't know: It is a romantic custom that has become more and more popular throughout the years and was based in Italy (and later made popular through a novel by Federico Moccia). Couples get padlocks and write/engrave their names on them. Then they bring them to a bridge and attach them to the railing or whatever suits best. And afterwards they throw the keys into the river as a symbol that their love will last forever <3
Some may say it's kitschy, but that's just the way I like it :D
Thank you sooo much my darling :-*

Unfortunately love-locks are forbidden in some places and here in Dresden they are removed from time to time :(
So we'll have to think about where to put it. Maybe we'll still put it in one of the more popular places because it's the gesture that counts anyway, but maybe we'll also find a smaller, more intimate place where no one cares or even appreciates symbols of love ^^


  1. Gratuliere ^^
    Diesen Brauch mit den Schlössern finde ich furchtbar romantisch (auch, wenn sie von Zeit zu Zeit entfernt werden, wie du sagtest, die Geste zählt!). Da hat sich dein Gutster ja was schönes für euch einfallen lassen :D

  2. Omg, ist das romantisch! Von dem Brauch habe ich vorher noch nie gehört, aber ich finde die Idee sehr süss <3