Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

7th Lolita Meet-Up in Dresden - Release the Nerds!

Hi, how are you all doing? I'm fine ^^

On Saturday the 7th Lolita meet-up in Dresden took place under the motto "Nerd-Lolita". It was a chance to wear outfits that you wouldn't wear to a "normal" meet-up because they are.... well, nerdy, based on fandoms or of a more extravagant style.
My outfit was rather spontaneously thrown together. Pretty casual with some geeky and punkish elements. I'll call it Nerd/Punk/Whatever Lolita :D

So, what did we do? First we visited a technical museum where you could see and make some cool experiments and logic games, which was really awesome. We didn't see all of it, so I think I want to go back there some time. And afterwards we just had a little photoshoot, first in a churchyard and then on a small plaground ^^
Actually we had also planned a picnic, but the weather wasn't the best, so we cancelled it and just parted ways after the shoot, some of us went to have some bubble tea, others went shopping and some (including me) went to McDonalds :D (so rori XD)

So here are some photos:

Check out my Hair :D That was also a rather spontaneous idea
So much Anni :D

Trying to make a bubble around myself - didn't work, too much poof :D
Our whole group - Pay attention to Vronis Tardis in the front :D
The Gang wrapped in Vroni's awesome Dr. Who Scarf :D
Together with Sophie - our outfits kind of matched :D
I always find it hideous when Sweet Lolitas pose with teddy bears or other stuffed animals because the are "oh so kawaii", so I decided to make my own little parody of it by taking Stefan's (screaming) Raving Rabbit with me:

Unfortunately I'm just really bad at posing... and my legs look like they were photoshopped on me :D
And please pay attention to my Nyan cat necklace and my Nyan cat shoes, both made for me b the one and only, the Vroni :D Thank you so much :-*


  1. Ich finde die Idee total lustig, ein Treffen unter einem bestimmten Moto zu halten (*.*) dein Hase ist super <3

  2. Raving Rabbids *-*
    Ich mag eure ungewöhnlichen Outfits :3
    Vielleicht sehen deine Beine weniger geshopped aus, wenn das Foto ein bisschen niedriger aufgenommen wird? Hach, ich will auch wieder ... wenigstens hab ich meine Prüfung bestanden, wegen der ich dieses Meet Up ausgelassen habe ^^°