Montag, 18. Juni 2012

So much to do...

Sorry for neglecting my blog, I'm just really busy at the moment.
Between work, internship, driving school, training and being sick (damn it!) I just didn't find the energy to write something, but nothing special happened anyways. Right now I actually just want a day off, without ANYTHING to do, no one visiting, no one calling, just relaxing, I haven't had a day like that in weeks -.-

I finished my stitching though:

But now I have a hard time finding a next motif for stitching. Any suggestions?

I also have an outfit to show you but again, nothing special. It was just for meeting friends:

not even a petti...

At the dancing school, things are going great. The people all seem to like me and I can't wait to work there fulltime. It is a bit frustrating to see everyone dance and not be able to dance myself though. Since I was sick and there was a big football match anyways we didn't have training last week and I just miss it soooo much! We danced a little at home but it's just not the same.
At the moment I'm in a bit of a competitive mood. I really want to have more training and do competitions. Even if we wouldn't win anything, I just want dancing to go beyond this hobby-status. There is going to be a competition in November that I'm thinking about joining, but I don't know what my partner and my trainer think about that.

By the way, I've had this blog-design for over a year now, so I'm thinking about changing it. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D

And now I have to go. Work. What else -.-

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