Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

Cat, you're a kitty cat!

How are you all doing?
First, I want to say thank you to all those who awarded me the Best Blog-Award. I won't follow the rules right now, I first have to think of the 7 blogs XD

And now, at special request by a certain allergic someone, I want to introduce you a little better to our cat, Hurley ^^
He's one and a half years old and named after this guy:

Luckily he doesn't look anything like him XD

The first picture I ever saw of him was this one and it instantly made me want to have him and cuddle him. Who could reject such a cute little baby-cat?

I love looking at older pictures of him. He used to be so small! Such a cutie...

Now he's bigger of course, but he hasn't lost any of his cuteness ^^
His hobbies? Well, eating, sleeping, watching the laundry in the washing machine, sitting in buckets and cartons, being lazy, walking on the frame of our canopy bed...

But I have to admit, he can be a little bastard sometimes -.- But I guess that's one of the best things about cats: It never gets boring :D

Sorry to those who are not interested in cats, but I just love that little furry laddie <3


  1. Ich weiß gaaaar nicht wen du meinst.... ^^ *Quietschmodus an und mit viel zu hoher Stimme kreisch* OhmeinGotteristsonieeeeeedlich

  2. Aww, der ist aber süß und noch so dünn *-*
    Mein Kater ist jetzt wieder ein richtig fett x___x

    Du bekommst von mir übrigens einen Blogaward :3

  3. die grüne tür!!!! YAY! :D