Freitag, 27. April 2012

Shop for the job

How are you all doing? Fine, I hope!
I know there hasn't been in a post in quite a while, but there hasn't been much happening here ^^"
Last week I was sick, but luckily I'm almost well again. And since my apprenticeship at the dancing school in Radebeul is coming up, I'm in need for some new clothes. Lolita is not really suitable for this job and neither are my other clothes, so Vroni and I made some use of the good weather today and went shopping.

I finally wore Lolita again, even if only in a veeery casual coord:

I really need to clean that mirror...
This is what I bought:

A blue dress, a black top and pinstripe trousers that I still have to shorten the legs on. It was on sale and pretty cheap, so I'll just do it myself. But I also bought a plain black one that was more expensive, so I'll let the seamstress of the shop do it on that one ^^"

And furthermore:

A teal coloured top with a cowl-neck (I swear it's teal, the colour's just not showing that good on the picture) and simple black sports-trousers for the more sporty courses :)

All in all a pretty good haul I think, especially since some of the pieces were on sale.

And now, after a long and hard day of shopping, walking around the city and laying in the sun (harharhar), I'll enjoy my self-made Iced coffee.

I wish you all a nice evening and enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Der Eiskafee sieht super lecker aus *__* Und die neues Sachen schreien ja richtig "Anniiii", die passen so toll zu dir :D

    1. Hihi, ist ja ganz leicht gemacht: einfach Kaffee ins Glas, mit Milch auffüllen (aber Platz fürs Eis lassen :D), Eis rein und Schlagsahne drauf *mjammi*
      Ich bin teilweise noch n bisschen skeptisch, ich hab mich schon so lang nicht mehr in Hose gesehen XD

  2. By the way, do you have facebook/messenger/etc. ? It would be really nice to chat with you and I could get a chance to practise my German skills :D

    My email is arrogant.alice(at), feel free to add :)