Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Just dropping by to say Hi

As I had announced, long time, no post. Sorry about that, but well... my life's pretty messy at the moment.
At the moment I am writing applications for an apprenticeship in my absolute dream-job: dancing instructor.
And I want this so badly that I'm just terrified to do something wrong, so I've spent the whole day trying to, but not even finishing one application @.@ God, I just want this to be perfect. And while trying to write something perfect I can't even write something mediocre @.@ This sucks so badly... and don't even get me started on my mental state -.-

Yesterday I finally had a reason again to dress up and leave the house, even if it was "just" visiting Vroni. So I thought I might as well take some pictures, even if it was nothing special.

Seems like the dress is kind of see-through O.o I guess that's what you get from not lining it. And yes, I paired stripes with stripes.  

So now I'm off again, trying to write applications. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. So ein süsses Outfit! Und viel Glück mit der Bewerbung *daumendrück*

  2. Hey, übrigens, ich hab dich getaggt (wenn du mtmachen willst ^^)