Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

A bit of this and that

Sooo, actually I'm not in the best mood today, partly because I'm a little nervous about tomorrow when I'll be visiting one of the dancing schools to hand in my application. I have an appointment there so I'm not sure if I'll really just hand it in and that's it or if they want to talk to me right away, so I'm a little anxious @.@ Keep your fingers crossed ^^

My fortune cookie seems optimistic though :D

These last days I finally got to do a little sewing again and I'm really happy about that. And here's a little teaser on my current project. It's for the next meet-up which is going to take place in 2 weeks under the motto "fairytales":

I'm open to guesses by which fairytale my outfit will be inspired :D (except for guesses from those who know ;D)

Aaand, you might already suspect it: I've been tagged again ^^ This time by Mia.
Here we go:

1. How would you describe your style?
A bit of this and that I guess ^^ I don't want to limit myself to just Lolita or just any other fashion. But it's always rather dark and pretty feminine, I don't wear any trousers for example (though that might change if I really become a dancing instructor).

2. Sweet, Gothic or Classic - what do you prefer wearing?
I'm really comfortable in Gothic, though I also adore Classic.

3. If you could only buy clothes in one shop for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Wow, that's really hard... H&M always has a wide range of styles, so maybe this... or rather Orsay, I love how everything they sell looks very feminine and elegant. And you can even find loliable clothes there from time to time ^^

4. Your favourite designer/label?
When it comes to "normal" clothing I don't really have one, but when it comes to Lolita it's Alice and the Pirates, closely followed by Innocent World.

5. Your dream dress/piece of clothing?

The "Dance of the black cat" JSK II by Alice and the Pirates *___*
It's the one and only musical print that I like and it fabulous and beautiful and wonderful and I fit into it *___* I soooo want this thing in black or green!

6. What do like best at meet-ups - taking photos, eating or doing something cultural?
Well... if you want to call it that it would be eating, but by that I mean going to a café and have coffee together. I love that we also do something cultural and taking photos is also fun (even though I always feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera) but I just love it when we all settle down together and chat. It's a great opportunity to meet people that you don't usually get in touch with ^^

7. Brand, Indiebrand, offbrand or self-made - what do you wear most?
Offbrand or handmade... I think it's pretty even between these two ^^

8. Which colour dominates your wardrobe?
Definitely black.

9. What's the average height of your heels?
I think that's about 5 cm. That's also the height that is the most comfortable for me when it comes to wearing shoes all day long or dance in them. But I also have higher ones that are still comfortable ^^

10. How many purses do you own and how many of them do you use regularly?
I own ... 6 I think and I regularly use 3 at the moment.

11. How old is the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
Oooh... Hm... That's either one of the tent-like shirts from my father that I sometimes use as a sleeping-shirt or it's my two Nirvana-shirts that I got when I was... 13 or 14 I think

And again, I can't think of any questions from the top of my head...

By the way, if you're looking for your cat one day, try the door. Yes, I mean the door. The cat could be ON  the door :D

So with this I say good night and read you later :D

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  1. Dank für deinen Kommentar ^_^ Also ich find die Teile genial |D Besonders die Farbvielfalt *-* Mir fehlen jezz eben nur noch Dekoelemente. Ob ich je Sweet trage, ist für mich fragwürdig X'D Da brauch ich erstmal das passende Kleid dafür; und andere Accessoires; Schleifenkram un sowas...^^ Gothic & Classic gefällt mir zurzeit mehr. Aber ich würd die Sterne trotzdem gerne mal für ein Outfit verwenden ^_^; Es muss ja nicht gleich OTT Sweet sein.
    Ich freue mich auch schon sehr auf das nächste Treffen und fiebere ihn regelrecht entgegen *-*
    ich hoffe, bisdahin kommt noch mein Schirm an XD~ Dann habe ich das Outfit komplett^^