Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

And again... tagged

So I've been back-tagged by Kajime (which actually is forbidden, but I don't care ^^) and so now I have some more questions to answer (though I'm not going to tag again, that would lead to a doom loop :D).

Here we go:
1. What is your favourite word?
Hm, I'm not sure if they are my favourites, but spontaneously I'd say "vicious" in English and "Kokolores" in German. At least I really like them.

2. What is your favourite song at the moment?
Not a song, but a medley:

3. Do you write a diary?
If my blog counts, yes. ^^ When I was younger I started one from time to time but I just couldn't keep it up for long.

4. What's your favourite drink?
Non-alcoholic: banana juice, alcoholic: sweet and creamy cocktails, preferably with strawberry involved (like the Strawberry ChiChi at our favourite cocktail-bar ^^)

5. What do you most like to do in summer?
In the evening when it's not that hot outside anymore, I open both our windows in the sleeping room (they are opposite each other) to create a draught and then I lie down on the bed and let the lukewarm air breeze over my body. Best thing to do after a long, sunny, hot and sweaty day.

6. Your favourite country?
How can you even ask? ;)
Scotland. MacChan has spoken.

7. Do you believe in supernatural things?
"Believing" would be too strong of a word. It's more an interested wondering. At least I like to read about them ^^

8. Your favourite movie?
I don't want to give the same answer again, so here's my favourite Disney-movie: Beauty and the Beast ^^

9. What are you addicted to?
Öhm... maybe the internet? XD

10. Do you like classical music?
Yes, I do, but I wouldn't want to listen to it everyday and all the time.

11. What's you biggest spleen?
Oh god, where to begin? XD
Okay, here are two: First, when I hang out the laundry, the clothespegs on one piece of clothing HAVE to be of the same colour, otherwise it drives me nuts. And second (and for the same reason): Our TV indicates the volume with numbers and this number HAS to be either even or divisible by 5.

By the way, I've just recently started a tumblr, so if you want to, you can check it out and follow me:


  1. Ich liebe deinen Fernseher-Lautstärke-Spleen, der ist super! ^^

  2. Ah xD Was würd ich nur ohne dich aufmerksame Leserin tun |D Werd ich gleich noch was hinzufügen^^ Scheint mir entfallen zu sein °_°;